We bring people and projects together!

Are you an owner looking for a quality, trustworthy operator? Or perhaps, you’re an operator looking to expand and in need of suitable buildings? sps:hotels works with hotel owners and operators and brings the right people and projects together.

Find the right operator or owning company is critical, because management contracts effectively tie the two parties together for the duration of the contract – in many cases 15 or more years!

Matching quality operators with suitable owners in the early stages of a project means you can achieve a hospitality or tourism project that’s attractive, close to the market, and matches international standards. It also avoids unnecessary adaptation costs later on.

We can offer you:

  • Detailed knowledge of the worldwide inventory of existing hotel management and franchise brands
  • Insights into an operator’s strengths and management terms
  • Preparation of a professional owners’ or operator packs (concise information to understand and evaluate a project proposal)
  • Inviting and shortlisting suitable companies to express their interest to own or manage
  • Professional reviews and comparison of key terms and offers
  • Assistance with shortlisting and drawing up letters of intent
  • Help with contract negotiations
  • Drafting of management contracts or technical services agreements

We work with you to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible so you can succeed. Contact us today! 

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