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First-class hotels and other people savvy organisations need first-class people to be successful. They also need to make sure results are delivered and that they adjust successfully to the new operational reality, which features increasingly sagacious and “online social” guests and visitors. Nowadays, good guest care has a new dimension, the Internet, and does not start & stop at your company’s front door any more.

Together with sps:training, sps:hotels provides a variety of training programs and workshops tailored to today’s operational challenge

All sessions can be tailored to your exact requirements and can be one-to-one or group-based. We can also provide exclusive in-house or white-labelled training sessions using your company’s training materials:

  • Front Desk 2.0: Your hotel’s front desk in the digital age
  • Up-selling & Cross-selling: Teach your associates how to up- and cross-sell successfully, before, during, and after a guest’s visit to your property
  • Revenue Management & OTA Strategies: Make the most out of your hotel’s presence on OTA websites, drive direct bookings, and outsell the competition
  • Working with PR Agencies: How to turn pain into gain, stop wasting money and increase exposure
  • Social Media Champions: Identify & train your company’s social media task force
  • Communicating and Planning for Success: How to achieve more with less, increase productivity and reduce meetings & paperwork
  • “Being Social”: Get your employees to think & act “social”, influence your customers’ online chatter, & improve feedback scores
  • Online & Offline Communication Skills: Digital courtesies and how to speak & write to boost guest loyalty, mitigate complaints, and increase sales

Please contact us for a free quote and to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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